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I learned something at Sears Point last round – I’m not that old or washed up.  We went into that weekend with four big problems and raced with virtually no Sears practice since August 2011, yet we ran only 1.5 seconds off the FP pace and came home with a win in Open Twins.  You ask […]

They say it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks.  No wonder I’m sore, I’m old and all I did this weekend was learn.  As I packed the van up Sunday evening after our races a friend of mine saw me stare at my hand as I deliberately opened and closed it.  He asked “What’s […]


Posted: 8th June 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2011

It’s a sad day.  Our beautiful 2009 KTM RC8R, just days after running faster than it’s ever run in it’s life, is being retired.  It’s run it’s last race.  This has been coming, this has been planned, it’s part of our growing process.  Yet as right as this is, something about it just feels sad.  […]

NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN AFM round 3, 2012 *This race story has three entries; It starts with Thursday’s INTRO, has a Saturday UPDATE, then it ends with Sunday’s final RACE REPORT. INTRO Call me a romantic but there’s something special about entering new battles on your trusty old steed.  Ours is still our 2009 KTM […]


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“Project Open Twins – 2012” is a video I am producing based on the racers who make up the AFM Open Twins class of 2012.  For years I have wanted to do this.  For years I have failed to.  This year I won’t.  Here is why: I remember my first race like it was yesterday.  […]

AFM round 2, 2012 updated!

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It’s MONDAY NIGHT, the race weekend is over, wtf happened to me!  Oh the plans of updating this blog throughout the weekend..  The deams – it was all going to be so different – what happened…?   …well I’ll tell you what happened.  It was different.   Sometimes it’s all you can do to survive race weekends spawned from venom […]

AFM round 7, 2011 – RACEBALL

Posted: 18th December 2011 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2011

RACEBALL AFM round 7, 2011 Baseball or “RACEBALL”     Only Scooby Doo could say it better…   I’m sorry, times are different.  We barely spell full words anymore.  Movies play in our hands.  So little talk happens in person.  I’m not sure writing these stories fits anymore.  Still though, thoughts run through my head at […]

AFM round 6, 2011 – LIFT-OFF

Posted: 1st September 2011 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2011

If the story of our year up to round 5 could be summed up in one word, that word would be “Lost”.  If the story of our round 6 could be summed up in one word, that word would be “Lift-off”.  (Ok that’s two words.  Whatever)  Would you think less of me if I admitted […]

I would like to tell you – regardless of our rocky start this season we’ve got our KTM RC8R dialed, and we are up to speed. I would like to tell you that…. But I can’t. What I can do though, is share the journey. Michael Earnest owns Pacific Track Time, one of the bigger […]

ANGER MANAGEMENT AFM round 5, 2011 We have problems with our RC8R.  We have challenges with our team.  We get zero help from KTM.  I am tired of being thrown around by this motorcycle.   How’s that for an opening line? Yes, we did recently solve a huge issue with our Ohlins forks.  That was a […]