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I can’t watch this video without leaning into turns or cursing for more horsepower.  But most of all without smiling ear to ear and laughing my ass off.  If you’ve never taken the chance, watch this epic underdog battle that our trusty Superduke R took on.  See our advantages, along with our disadvantages – and […]

The Definition of Insanity AFM round-1 2010 3/21/2010 My Mom says insanity is defined by a person trying the same thing over and over, always the same way, always hoping for a different result.  I say that creates insanity more than defines it.  And I admit, in a way that defined our whole race program […]

Win it, or bin it.     ..…Or AFM round 2, Buttonwillow Ca. Even though we visited her constantly, my Nana died in a nursing home.  Homes like that can be rough on people but oddly, not so much for kids.  I didn’t seem affected by the smells, or feel so much the distant cries for mercy.  […]

Out of Wonderland AFM round-3 2010 5/23/2010 Round 2 almost broke me.  I spent the following month secretly depressed.  My effortless patients with this struggling Superduke program, during a time in my career when I can’t afford to be patient, were running out.  Why you might ask?  After all we didn’t crash in round 2 […]

From the Battlefield of Marathon AFM round – 4, 2010 6/13/2010 From the battlefield of Marathon, four hundred ninety years before the birth of Christ, a legendary messenger named Pheidippides was sent to give word that the Persians had been defeated, some twenty six miles away.  It is said he ran the entire distance without […]

AFM round 5, 2010 – The Breakup

Posted: 28th May 2011 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2010

The Breakup 7/11/2010 Seatbelts please; this could read like a rabid dog. Back east I ran Michelins, 92 through 99.  Rare few in the east did back then, I felt special.  And I had a deal with the supplier, Sto Smead of Motorace, (as it turned out…).  In all that time I never bought one.  […]

Super Duke, the Fallen Hero AFM round-6, 2010 I never wrote about round 6. Couldn’t do it with Jamie Keating still writhing in pain from our horrid impact. I still have yet to meet Jamie while the two of us are lucid, but we spoke yesterday, he gave me the nod, so out it comes.. […]

AFM round 7, 2010 – Balls

Posted: 20th May 2011 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2010

BALLS AFM round 7, 2010 Nine days before round 5 this year I felt myself slipping.  So I made a promise I’d pedal up Page Mill hill six times before I left for the track.   Half way up that first climb I wanted to kill myself, because I know myself.  I typically consider the fist […]