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AFM 2015 – IN THE (trash) CAN

Posted: 23rd January 2016 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

Today I searched my 2015 race folders for pics.  Typically these folders are filled with laughter, Tracy half dressed, a few wrecked bikes and lots of pics at speed.  This year’s folders are filled with pics of asses.  Everyone’s asses.  Nearly every pic I took last year shows somebody bent over working on our Superduke.  That was […]

Thank You

Posted: 12th December 2014 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012, STORE

Thanks for purchasing a shirt, or even better, shirts! I’ll get the shipment out to you pronto! GoGo

AFM Class of 2012 – PHOTO (updated)

Posted: 7th September 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

AFM Class of 2012 Photo September 1, 2012 *UPDATE:    SALE – prices are now 20% off original pricing, plus 50% off shipping!   In all my years racing no matter the club, the track or the coast, the most consistent thing I’ve heard and also spoke is, “It’s the people in racing that I […]

AFM round 6, 2012 – HEARTBREAK RIDGE

Posted: 5th September 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

What can you do, other than your best… HEARTBREAK RIDGE 9/2/2012 AFM round 6  The most challenging times in your life come when adversity goes viral.  When it renders your will powerless, your skill meaningless.  These times, painful as they are, are the times that define you.  When you look back up from the floor, […]

MEETING OF THE MINDS AFM round 5, 8/02/2012 As racers, out on track, we are programmed by flags.  They represent change.  Called over the airways, pulled from wooden stands, they are waved by our guardians to warn us of what lies ahead.  When you think about it, if you think about it, these are very […]

I can’t watch this video without leaning into turns or cursing for more horsepower.  But most of all without smiling ear to ear and laughing my ass off.  If you’ve never taken the chance, watch this epic underdog battle that our trusty Superduke R took on.  See our advantages, along with our disadvantages – and […]


Posted: 30th April 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

What do they say, if you want something done right do it yourself?  Yea that’s all well and good but I found a problem with that – sometimes doing it yourself takes a LOT more work… When the first KTM RC8R pics showed up in magazines I felt like I was in trouble, the bike […]

2012 Prep

Posted: 18th February 2012 by GoGo in ARTICLES - 2012, RACE STORIES - 2012

It’s mid-February.  I feel my east coast roots.  Back home I wouldn’t even be thinking of racing yet.  Only dreaming.  But out here in California it’s always on the mind.  Specially this winter with so little rain.  I’ve been to the shop a few times this winter.  Good feeling out there at Tri Valley Moto.  […]

VIDEO – training on Page Mill Hill

Posted: 16th February 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

I hear Troy Bayliss is a world class cyclist, Ben Bostrom handed Lance Armstrong his ass on a mountain bike, and just about everyone in the AFM rides a roadbike.  Well I don’t have a roadbike, I’ve never seen Lance Armstrong, and I don’t even want to talk about racing Troy Bayliss on anything other […]