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AFM round 6, 2009 – “G-SPOT”

Posted: 28th June 2011 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2009

AFM round 6, 2009 Infineon, Sonoma California Alright I’m going out on a limb here.  I have no pride.  I’ve heard about it all my life, even dreamt about it, but I don’t know…  What the hell is this thing?  Great as it sounds, hard as I’ve tried, I can’t find this dam G-Spot.  So […]

– Note To Self – 2009 Superduke season struggles revealed It’s been a long and bumpy road this year. At times I thought to quit. Recently I learned I wasn’t alone back then. That’s scary. My race career’s been pronounced dead twice already, each time by people other than myself. But it’s alright, I’ve lived […]