AFM Class of 2012 – PHOTO (updated)

Posted: 7th September 2012 by GoGo in RACE STORIES - 2012

AFM Class of 2012 Photo
September 1, 2012

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In all my years racing no matter the club, the track or the coast, the most consistent thing I’ve heard and also spoke is, “It’s the people in racing that I love the most.”   So, finally, in the spirit of this ever-present theme I am happy to present to you – for yourself, for your kids, for your friends and for history – the AFM CLass of 2012 Photo.

Thank you everyone for showing up Saturday afternoon.  Pretty rewarding experience.  Quite thankfully I am happy to report to you we nailed the shot!  Turns out 335 people made it into the photo – from the fastest of our racers, to the tiniest of our toddlers.  And then Berto.  It’s pretty entertaining seeing us all together in one shot.  The final product is astonishing to see in print.

AFM Class of 2012, photo by Eric “GoGo” Gulbransen


In the interest of helping support the people we both love AND can’t race without, 25% of the proceeds from the sales of these images goes straight toward our AFM Worker Fund.  Order your pic, support our friends, own your contribution to AFM history.

All prints produced with state of the art Epson Ultrachrome HDR archival inks, on heavy duty Premium High Gloss 250-gsm paper, at photo-lab quality resolution.  If you would like to order multiple prints please contact me and I will save you shipping fees – GoGo at    If you have special requests for sizes not listed here, or if you would like this image in Black and White, do not hesitate to ask.

The larger this image is printed the more impressive it is.  Plus it’s more fun to play “Where’s Wally?”, so be cheap yesterday and then again tomorrow – but don’t be cheap today.  Trust me, you’ll be very happy with this one of a kind picture.

Special thanks for supporting this project and the AFM with your orders!  So far (10/5/12) we have sold 18 prints, and raised $303 for the AFM Worker Fund:

Bill Skadsen
Tom Wilbert
Joe Hitner
Barbara Smith
Lonny Kamper
Eric Sterner
Richard Capps
Ben Swiggettt
Lisa Norman
Mark Topping
Bassem Abdouni
David J Stanton
Mark McKinney
Jonathan Forman
Rory Kamper
Alan Cunningham
Nita Ihly
Aaron Turner

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Barb Smith, “Please tell me that wasn’t my number I just heard over the PA”,
& “Where’s Wally?”

Chris “Simmer down I’m bigger than both of you put together” Van Andel,
& Joy “I’m faster than half the boys here” Higa

Gary Rather “what the hell am I doing in FRONT of a camera?”,
& Gerry Piazza “I can straighten anything, even you.”

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