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“Project Open Twins – 2012” is a video I am producing based on the racers who make up the AFM Open Twins class of 2012.  For years I have wanted to do this.  For years I have failed to.  This year I won’t.  Here is why:

I remember my first race like it was yesterday.  But it wasn’t yesterday.  I was a young punk back then.  I didn’t know one thing about racing.  In fact not only was this my first race, it was actually the first time I had ever seen a real racetrack.  My eyes opened so wide they hurt, I could feel my pulse just standing there with my arms at my sides, I looked up to everyone around me and constant streams of questions rang out from me – no matter the subject.  Still to this day I can’t explain how I ever got myself there – up until that point I had lead a very sheltered life.  Motorcycles, speed, spinning wrenches and spectacular crashes had absolutely nothing to do with my youth.  Yet there I was – spinning wrenches, racing my heart out, crashing spectacularly and then going back out for more.   That was 24 years ago.  I have raced every year since.

Loudon NH, 1988 (chest protector inspired by Saturday practice wreck)
“The Bowl” 1988 (GoGo – photo center, red/white RZ 350)

In all the years I have raced since then, in all the places, with all the organizations, by far my favorite parts of racing have been the people behind it.  The people I meet, the people I race, the people behind the scenes and the people behind the wrenches.  Last year, for the first time ever, I lost touch with that.  I both regret that, and have learned from it.  Racing, like life, is what you make it.  So this year I am taking it upon myself to “make it something different” .  Something special.

I was robbed last December 20th.  Thieves broke in and took my most valuable possessions – my camera gear.  I now have no stills camera, no lenses, and no video cameras.  But I don’t care .  I am not letting this stop me – after all it’s not about the camera behind your image, it’s about the story behind it.  So I have Tracy’s D7000 DSLR on lend for this project.  My idea is to interview every racer who runs in the AFM Open Twins class this season.  I plan to capture who they are, where they come from, their goals, their struggles, but most of all their stories.

So far I have interviewed three racers.  Each interview was great fun, and revealing.  I have not seen this done before but judging by what I’ve got in the can already, it’s going to be entertaining.

The following three images are frame grabs from my first three victims:

Brendan Walsh

Ed Lloyd
Bill Brown

My idea is to ask all the Open Twins racers the same group of questions – then edit them into a medley of revealing madness.  Stay tuned, this could be a lot of fun..

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