I can’t watch this video without leaning into turns or cursing for more horsepower.  But most of all without smiling ear to ear and laughing my ass off.  If you’ve never taken the chance, watch this epic underdog battle that our trusty Superduke R took on.  See our advantages, along with our disadvantages – and hear what’s left of our tranny after three race seasons.  Our SDR, in what were it’s final stages of development, really did enter a turn like an animal.  Of course it came out of them like an ice cream truck, but we’ll get into the motor next time around..

[flv:http://gotagteam.com/KTM_Days/Flash_Videos/Monterey_Challenge_2010/Monterey_Challenge_2010_512.flv 650 366]


Sonny P. & Jason Hauns

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