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What do they say, if you want something done right do it yourself?  Yea that’s all well and good but I found a problem with that – sometimes doing it yourself takes a LOT more work…

When the first KTM RC8R pics showed up in magazines I felt like I was in trouble, the bike was beautiful.  But oddly, especially considering the nose of this bike, if you don’t paint it just right it has this unique ability to quickly become the ugliest bike ever known to mankind.  Case in point, our 2011 RC8R:

Apparently Rossi has this thing about doing his own stickers.  it’s likely more superstitious than anything but I can relate.  There’s definitely something critically important, to me anyway, about connecting to the machine I go out into battle with.  So as we warmed up to this 2012 season I grabbed reigns on the style element of our 2012 RC8R campaign.

A hundred years ago I was a autobody painter, back in NY.  I felt a little cooped up in the spray booth so that career was short lived, but I took with me forever the skills to paint again if I ever chose to.  Last month, I chose to:

So there you go, I can still paint.  But as is true with any bike, except Ducati’s once in a lifetime  only one color and no-graphics-needed-916 , this RC8R still begged for attention once all the body panels were bolted back in place.

To address a proper graphics job I called on an old friend, who has hated me for half a decade but we finally found someone else to blame our troubles on so everything’s all ironed out now.  when we first moved to California Chris Van Andle was our sticker guy, and now he is again.  His Raceimage.net business is still going strong.  Chris did a fantastic job on our RC8R:

So here it is, our 2012 campaign – KTM RC8R :

For years now I have been trying to get Mike to display his team’s racebike on the showroom floor.
Surprisingly this is a never ending uphill battle.  Finally I figured out why – our race bike was ugly.  Problem, solved.

*special thanks to HMC for designing their last year’s RC8R supebike so beautifully, which I essentially replicated.



  1. Derek says:

    Not a bad looking animal 😉
    Now if the rider was just as impressive…lol

  2. Nice! rather clean cut and straight edged…just like you!

  3. rc211v says:

    Holy Crap… She’s a Looker – For Sure!!

  4. David says:

    You need the KTM/Bulldog logo on the seat back!

  5. Dennis D. says:

    GoGo, your blog needs to come with NSFW tags, cause that bike looks like TITS!!

  6. GoGo says:

    Oh hell the phantom “D” appear-ith!

    If this bolg gets a NSFW tag it is NOT going to be due to paint!


  7. Ovic RC8R says:

    Man that bike looks good. I have a blk/org 2011 tricked out. But how can you say it’s ugly
    I love the way it looks. I put the black forged wheels on it. put the double bubble wind screen.I love the way they look nothing else looks like it. You can’t tell one jap I L 4 from another but the RC8R stands out in a croud.
    When I track mine I never see any others.
    Is that your new one? I could not tell it so beautifull I would love a custom paint job.
    I just need more time on the track first.Maybe after I start racing the old guy class.

  8. GoGo says:

    Oh no I don’t mean it’s ugly, I mean OURs was ugly. I think this RC8R is amazingly beautiful but if you don’t paint it right, like we didn’t last year (and the year before) it can be just butt ugly – ESPECIALLY from the front. Take a look at any shots of our bike from any story last year. Find one of the front and you will know what I mean…

    Anyway, awesome on your RC8R. Great to hear our group is growing! Get your bike setup right and it will handle as beautiful as it looks!


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