P-51 Mustang Adventure

Posted: 24th June 2011 by GoGo in ARTICLES - 2011

P-51 Mustang on runway at Reno Nevada Air Race qualifying, 6/2011

Last week Sonny and I took a roadtrip to Reno Nevada to hook up with his mountainbike buddy, Mike Town, who is crewchief for a very special WWII warbird, the P-51 Mustang.  This particular one is named “Precious Metal.”  The P-51 Mustang is an awe inspiring airplane.  It’s history, it’s look, and holy shit it’s sound..  Think about it… 1945.  That’s almost 70 years ago this plane was built – and this thing is still one hell of a hot-rod considering TODAY’S standards.  This particular P-51 Mustang has almost 3,500hp, and flies at speeds well over 400mph.  It’s got dual props, which the pilot actually rotates while flying to get more or less bite into the air – kind of like a transmission in a car.  This way the engine rpm can settle down once up at high altitude, the pilot can dial in a lot of bite to the props, and the plane just rips through the air.

It’d be real cool to go for a ride but as you can see in this video I put together, there’s just one seat.  And man, the fuselage  is narrow as hell.  No donuts for a week before you take one of these up.

By the way “one of these” suggests there are many in existence today.  There aren’t.  Of the 300 that still exist, only 150 or so are still flying.  If you ever get a chance to see P-51 Mustang in person, take it.  Do a google search for “P-51 Mustang for sale”.  You’ll see they aint cheap either!  Anyone got a cool two million to spare…?

I hope you enjoy this video,


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