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Part I
- H/W Superbike-

"The Quest To Be Our Best"
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Part II
- Supertwins -

We've made it through all our AFM races in 06, up to round 6, and we're in real good shape. The math is somewhat beyond me because I've hit my head too many times by now, but rumor has it we're in a damn good points position for Open Twins, we're doing very well in the new classes to us - Formula 1, and 600 Superbike. I've even heard recently that we're in a great position in the overall points chase for top ten scoring AFM points - which award you and your team the appropriate number plate for the following year!
Now we've got a good break to sit back and relax for SIX weeks until our next AFM round. Maybe we'll go to the spa? Hang out on the hammock? Read a book or two? Or maybe we'll go feed the horses....
I think NOT!!!!
We're going back home!

Somebody had the totally nuts idea to go race our Ducati 749R against our old buddies on the track we grew up on, the infamous - AMA Superbike abandoning, concrete barrier walls staring you down in every turn, race in the rain, sleet, hail,
or even sometimes SNOW -
Loudon, NH.

We stay in touch with just about every one of our past sponsors from over the years. In fact some of the sponsors we still work with today are based on the east coast - like Vanson Leathers, Yoyodyne, and even BCM Motorsports. A very good friend of ours, Leslie Grossman, recently took over BCM Motorsports, which is based in Laconia NH. When Leslie heard about our extra long AFM break this year,
he called and offered us a deal....

Now some people, when you ask them if they want to come to your birthday party on Friday night, answer with a question - like "What time is it? Or "Who's going?" An answer like either of those is usually a good indication that they're not gunna show. But when Leslie asked us if we wanted to race back east again, we answered in one word.
And so the story has begun....

Turns out our good racing friend, Derek LaFontaine, from the AFM as well, is coming along to join the frey as well. Derek is a good guy and a fast up-and-coming racer. He WILL make an impression back east.

Check back on our progress regularly. The races are scheduled for September 2-3, 2006. The bikes shipped yesterday, and thanks to all the great support from BCM, this trip is off to a great start.

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